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But I don’t need to tell you that Craigslist is way better than print classifieds ever were. Still, Craigslist does require a certain amount of street smarts; it can be a landmine of check fraud Trojan horses, fake website switcheroos and other gray-area opportunities. So while you wouldn’t want your grandmother using Craigslist, for fear she’d wire her identity to a Nigerian prince, those of us who’ve grown up with the seediness of the Web realize it’s no big deal.

Unless, that is, they are also users of the app and have also clicked the button beneath your face too. If a friend moved abroad (like Nicky Diamond or Jonathan Nicholas), or was bumped up into the "scholarship class" (like Eddie Keene), or even accelerated a whole year (like Charlie Fulford), then that was that. By the early Nineties, drink-driving was becoming unfashionable and as I staggered out of parties barely able to see, my mates (of whom I now had hundreds thanks to my permanent pissedness and general druggy benevolence) would spread themselves across the bonnet of my car to try and stop me driving away. but it was only ever two of us, and it rarely lasted longer than a full school year. Each September (after a long and lonely summer), I started from scratch, suffered endless rejection by group after group, and finally mopped up whoever else was left at the end of the line with me, when the big friend-making sessions were over. I was never indispensable to any group's fun and games. I was usually allowed to tag along for a bit because I was intermittently amusing, but pretty soon I became irritating, and was given the cold shoulder – specifically a cold, dark grey, school-uniformed shoulder: literally, the group would close into a circle, and there I'd be, frozen out, wondering how to look like I didn't care, as I wandered off to pick up a stray fellow loser to make friends with. That was an attitude that stayed with me well into my thirties: I learned to drink and to drive at the same time, and the two activities were inextricably linked in my mind. I drank my way through university, like everyone else, the only difference being that I drove everywhere, too.My degree offered few prospects in the city where I live, and breaking my apartment lease to move somewhere else would cost thousands.As panic set in, I abandoned the dream of starting a career and set out to simply stay afloat. I responded only to ads for parking lot attendants and busboys and landscapers. I even took two days of work holding a sign at a busy intersection to promote an Indian lunch truck.

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