An unexpected error occurred while updating required files d3

Basically what it came down to, is that there is something running on my computer that is blocking the signal to blizzard.

so my launcher thinks it needs an update when it actually does not (i know this because when i run the launcher in safe mode it says Up to date) so my launcher sends a message to blizzard saying "WTF bro?

After a short moment, the Diablo 3 launcher goes away, and I am left with the Blizzard Launcher, which has no information in it. A short while later a popup arrives stating:"An unexpected error occurred while updating required files.Please try again."Was playing last night, but not able to play this morning.Hello, Please open the downloader again, you don't have to re-download the full game, just open the downloader and let it finish the full installation process by itself.Profits: For downloading distributive for SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 you must have MSDN subscription, see Install 2008 R2 and Install 2008 links.SHA1 hash you can easy get with default Windows utility certutil.

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