Benji schwimmer and donyelle jones dating danny and bo the voice dating

Watching reality show competitions are a little bit like falling in love.

At first, the initial attraction is purely based on what you see, but as time goes on, you become more and more invested in the relationship, and do everything you can (be it voting or never-ending praying) to keep your all-time favorites in your life and on your TV screens.

From earning law degrees to becoming full-out dance instructors, these former contestants have gone on to accomplish quite a bit since we last saw them.

Here’s what we were able to find out after a whole lot of stalking some very extensive research.

Here, he opens up about the reaction to that interview from “the ‘outside’ world,” what he thinks of Mitt Romney, and reveals the Mormon church’s little-known policy change that finally broke his faith. Benji Schwimmer: I was a true blue, believing, serving, active Mormon and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You get home from your mission, and the next real mission is to get married and have kids and serve in the church until you die. But three buddies of mine had killed themselves in the last couple of months, and that was a catalyst for me.

Your interview with Mormon Stories is incredibly compelling. I was on a television show, and it was very widely known that I was LDS. Not much of a surprise considering I was a dancer, but still a surprise to many—especially those who didn’t want to know. I’ve been engaged once, semi-officially twice—and after there was love, I confessed to them about my situation. I felt that God had blessed me with all these talents, and if I had done something sinful, it would have been a slap in his face. I’ve had some friends since this podcast that have been assholes and others that say I love you even more—and these are LDS friends. What was the final straw that prompted you to leave the church?

(In Season 2, for example, Travis Wall came in second; Donyelle was third.) Not sure how those unlucky second-place dancers might've felt about being passed over.

And what's just as impressive as the 15-year-old's rabid online following is her ever-growing list of competition accolades. and the rest of the "WOD" team have launched an interactive version of the upcoming NBC series that lets Snapchatters get in on the action.

Donyelle Jones and Benji Schwimmer performed a Broadway and Hip-Hop routine.

Ivan Koumaev and Natalie Fotopoulos performed the Jive and a Contemporary routine.

Season 5 champs would have been Jeanine Mason..Brandon Bryant. (I'm guessing a lot of teenage girls would've been ecstatic about that.) And Season 8 would've honored both Melanie Moore..Marko Germar.

Season 6 winners would've been Russell Ferguson..Kathryn Mc Cormick. It's interesting to note that the second winner wouldn't always have been the first runner-up.

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