Dating a man with cerebral palsy Free sex webcams that accept american express

It affects everyone differently."—Annette B "CP presents differently in people who have it.

'Well, she doesn't LOOK like she has cerebral palsy!

I am just wondering because I would like to know seriously!

Perhaps the stigma surrounding the words “cerebral palsy” prevented my matches from seeing how I’m a catch.My brother and father are/were both wheelchair users and so I have been around disability on and off all my life, yet still I find it a difficult bridge to cross when oral communication is affected..I'd not be embarrassed to be seen out with someone who was affected to a similar extent as yourself but I would have to confess to an initial,' Is this going to be hard work and end in heartache' gut reaction...Do not tell me how my child may never walk or talk because I'm just going to prove you wrong."—Melly B."If you know one person with CP, you know one person with CP.

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