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The blue curve exemplifies the two dates September 10, 2002 and March 5, 2006.

According to the human mind, this should be a difference of which is 3 years because September 10, 2006 has not occurred in the ending year. Since we chose Year as the value for Date Part parameter SQL Server chooses the full year 2002 as starting year (year 2002 being the starting "slot").

Ahead, 12 myths about sex and dating, demystified once and for all.

You're hanging out at a party when, out of nowhere, you suddenly notice someone standing close to you.

A new, hands-on way to explore the many ways women actually find pleasure - based on new research. We finally have the openness and research to take a clear-headed look at the many nuances of women’s sexual pleasure.

I recognized that this experience was unlike others I had, and I became curious as to why this connection was different.

After some internet digging and bookstore browsing, I discovered tantric sex fit my approach and expectations.

The same thing happens with the ending date of March 5, 2006.

SQL Server chooses 2006 as the ending year (year 2006 being the ending "slot") because we have set Year as the Date Part parameter value.

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