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Other scholars feel these may have guided people through narrow paths to the ceremonial centre, adding a mystique to the entry.

When looked at from the centre of the monument, we can see that the entrance stakes line up - these small posts are six rows deep.

The people living in the fourth millennium BC who began work on Stonehenge were contemporary with the first dynasties of Ancient Egypt, and their efforts predate the building of the Pyramids.

What they created has endured millennia and still intrigues us today.

Stonehenge is somewhat a "gateway to the realms" providing insights into humanities past and showing that maybe we were not as "technically challenged" as some would like us to believe.

In fact, what we see today is the result of at least three phases of construction, although there is still a lot of controversy among archaeologists about exactly how and when these phases occurred.

It is generally agreed that the first phase of construction at Stonehenge occurred around 3100 BCE, when a great circular ditch about six feet deep was dug with a bank of dirt within it about 360 feet in diameter, with a large entrance to the northeast and a smaller one to the south.

Stonehenge is definitely one of England's greatest icons.

Its original purpose is still somewhat unclear, but some have speculated that it was a temple made for worship of ancient earth deities.

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