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It is roughly the size of a Ford Edge (1.9 inches shorter in length, 1.1 inch taller in height, and 0.7 inch narrower), but rides on a 5.1-inch shorter wheelbase.This compromises rear seat space a bit but leaves room for a big full-size spare on a matching alloy wheel under the rather high cargo-area floor.Not to mention, you always know how much to weigh in, if need be. However, someone still has to isolate the leaking pump and add glycol/water (usually 40/60) back into the system, before he can reset the compressors and get cooling going again.To answer the basic question, and prevent a fight over terminology, I'll mention the condensor first.

The water is pumped through heat exchangers in the indoor unit, so the heat is transfered from refrigerant to water.Right now the database is still my top priority, and I'm way behind on that! ASAONLINE is for your reference, archival, and remembrances only.If you don't see your listing AT ALL, please Fill Out a Registration Form Again. I'm going to be net control for this first one this coming Sunday but I live in the extreme Northwest corner of the country and someone more toward the middle would probably be better.I realize that, and will try to fix problems on a time available basis.

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