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I think a successful marriage is a kind of tender and respectful partnership.

Both have to be loving and caring partners, in joy and sorrows.

“I remember there was one match the we brought some beautiful girls who were in nice jeans to the stadium," Nyantakyi continues, stopping short of describing exactly how he plans to get women to agree to this in the first place.

“The men in the stands went into frenzy and when the ladies waved at them - come and see how jubilant they were”.

I have many interests and no matter what I do I always remember that I am a woman first of all.

“Most of these men when they hear that beautiful girls are coming to the stadium today, they’ll all jump and follow them to the stadium…and they are going there purposely to see the ladies”.

Oh, yeh, and before I go, let me say, she's also pretty hot to look at.

There are many goals in life and one of them is to create a happy family.

I am lydia and i am 26 years old looking for that special someone to enjoy the rest of my life with.

II am very happy, how are you doing today i hope you are having a good day well i would like to have a conversation with you and get to know more about you If you dont mind Well, you can email or skype me.

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