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An art gallery employee discovers a briefcase of classified documents about surveillance technology made by one of the NSA's suppliers, and the supplier goes after her to protect its secrets.A NSA operative blows his cover to protect the woman.In the United States, the "Freedom of Observation Act" is passed allowing for the creation of ODIN (Optical Defense Intelligence Network).This leads to "eyeborgs" being created, a mobile camera drone administered by the Department for Homeland Security.However, once the hacker received the password he was able to start social engineering, and from there, hacked into her personal accounts associated with the internet, including i Cloud where private pictures of her were kept.

The Tamil film features a rookie detective sent to collect daily activities of a set of people, soon realizes that people are being killed using details of the surveillance report he submitted.

The documentary film features the Citizens' Commission to Investigate the FBI and how it broke into a satellite FBI office.

The group discovered and released documents about COINTELPRO, a secret domestic surveillance program that targeted "dissident groups, civil rights leaders and anti-Vietnam War activists".

Staff at the Dartmouth motel didn't want to talk to CBC News, but did say they were going to fix the breach.

In Quebec, what seems to be a medical facility's surveillance camera shows patients heading into changing booths and emerging in hospital gowns.

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