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When you think of New York housing, you probably either picture the typical real-life version — a hovel that can barely fit the rats that infest it — or the popular TV version: a sprawling, sun-drenched paradise.While some series portray New York real estate fairly accurately, many have turned a blind eye to what its characters would actually be able to afford in the Big Apple’s housing market.Indeed, after the initial novelty of the Facebook and Instagram Lives of the digital world wears off, there’s not much else to “go live” with for the average person.As Goren explained, “There’s too much pressure to put on a show and be funny and have something to say” on public livestreams.“Girls” is an example of the strides TV shows have made in illustrating New York City living with a degree of realism. As the HBO series comes to a close Sunday, we looked at how the entertainment industry has represented New York real estate, for better or for worse, from the Bunkers in Queens to our “Friends” in the West Village.(Oh, how we wish we lived with Monica Geller.) Location: Greenpoint, Brooklyn (India Street) Roommates: At different points — Marnie Michaels, Adam Sackler and Elijah Krantz Job: Unemployed, barista, GQ writer, teacher, freelance journalist Show's claimed cost: Rent not specified Estimated real-life cost: ,200 to ,000 per month for a two bedroom Hannah’s two-bedroom apartment seems perfect for a struggling millennial.

Some of these include the recently released Snapchat Groups, Kik Group Video, and of course, the rapidly growing video chat app Houseparty.

Social sex is something that has been changing the way this generation sees dating.

It is not only changing the way they see it but also older generations who are getting back out there after divorce or some other circumstances that prevented them from dating. Social sex and the new age of dating allows for a much more carefree outlook on the situation.

| Watch Video Dutch artist Max Zorn has become a star in the art world with his moody, elaborate portraits and cityscapes made with nothing but packing tape and a scalpel.

Jane Pauley reports on Zorn's evocative works, which he hangs on lamp posts of Amsterdam, each one sure to send the street art scene into a frenzy.

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