Rulet sex

Senior Nazi figures lightened their war with often-bizarre sex, including naked girls on horses or roulette wheels and castle orgies led by an opera singer, according to British archives released today.

The revelations were part of an arsenal of compromising material available to British agents in the propaganda fight.

Among the most lurid details in the files compiled by the Special Operations Executive is the report that the Munich-based Nazi Party leader, Christian Weber, was notorious before the war for orgies in which girls rode naked on horseback while giving "spirited renderings" of Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries.

The files reported a German lieutenant's claim that he had witnessed, at the start of the war, a party given by Weber in which there "was a large roulette wheel on which a naked girl had been strapped".

US president Donald Trump's budget proposal seeks to save 10 million dollars (£7.1 million) next year by selling wild horses captured throughout the West without a guarantee from buyers that the animals will not be resold for slaughter.

Three decades on, it remains one of the most overrated Europorn offerings ever.

Yes, production is quite lavish (though a long car ride shot subjectively with a fish eye lens may cause viewer nausea) but the silly story's all over the place and the naughty bits are often so brief as to seem perfunctory.

Similar to Russian roulette, the parties present a potentially lethal game of chance as at least one unidentified HIV carrier joins the group.

While certain parties are exclusive to HIV carriers, others are called "blue parties" as they offer attendees blue tablets intended to prevent the contraction of the virus, according to Spanish radio network Cadena SER.

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