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I told DD quite frankly that if all girls wanted was a satisfactory orgasm then a rampant rabbit was really all they needed. I'm not dismissing sex for the fun of sex, but for teens moving into the world of sex I think it's good to be able to feel safe, to be able to talk. I'm not sure if I'm an embarrassing mum or a cool mum. But I remember being a teen with the loves and lusts and fears of a teen, I want DD to feel happy, and special and safe. Welcome Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning (LGBTQ) Teens!

Simply getting through a day at school can take a lot out of you.

) And that led onto my DH saying " so you won't have to sell your body" and while he meant it in jest it led nicely into a sex talk with the teen.

She told us that some girls had sex a lot, with all the boys, for no real reason.

And that 'friends with benefits' was a common theme.

I feel scared for a generation that is so secure in medicine that infections and pregnancy are now seen as minor inconvenience and easily fixable, especially as this week is HIV testing week. I said that I had no regrets to waiting until I was 19 to have sex, that having a six month relationship before that happened was a good thing, that laughter and safety in a relationship were far far more important than 'just sex' great or not.

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