The infrared wireless port when updating a pda from

1) In infrared transmission, beaming is the communication of data between wireless devices using a beam of infrared light.This beam, invisible to humans, is used in many familiar devices, such as television remote controls and garage door openers.Figure 3—Disabling Image Transfer in Wireless Link If the “Image Transfer” functionality is not disabled, Hot Sync Manager on the PC will complain with: Error accessing the IR Port. By the way, the file “IR_Readme.txt” does not exist!This message can also be seen however, when there is no problem with the infrared usage, this case occurs when Hot Sync infrared is enabled and one of the other types is toggled.

Infrared communication involves a transceiver (a combination transmitter and receiver) in both devices that communicate. In addition, one or both devices may require special software so that the communication can by synchronized.

This is due to HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), a feature enabled on your TV and source device (blu-ray player).

To disable the CEC feature from your source device settings, please see your source device user manual for directions.2.

The original Stowaway is the most popular full-sized PDA keyboard and one of my favorites.

The newer Stowaway XT keyboard is even more compact yet offers a near-notebook typing experience.

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