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He was paying into Northern Ireland's local government pension scheme, which is governed by the Local Government Pension Scheme (Benefits, Membership and Contributions) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2009.If they had been married Ms Brewster would have automatically shared the pension that he had built up.The soldiers were part of a contingent of the British Army drafted into the area to help quell disorders and outbreaks of rioting a the city caused by friction between rival Catholic and Protestant groups.(AP Photo/Peter Kemp)Ref #: PA.11224985BELFAST IRA CLASHES – British troops straddle a main road near the Catholic Unity flats in Belfast, Northern Ireland, during a lull in the recent current wave of disorders which had flared up in a show of strength by a breakaway group of the Irish Republican Army earlier in the week.Last night, RTÉ’s Prime Time revealed that, in 2014 so far, there have been more than 60 abortion pill seizures, consisting of 1,000 tablets in total.In 2013, that figure was much lower with 24 abortion pill seizures recorded.Drugs “We have seen people who have taken drugs to induce miscarriage, induce abortion absolutely yes thankfully we haven’t run into many significant problems with them but we are certainly aware that it happens,” he said.

But, after an eight-year legal wrangle, five Supreme Court justices have now unanimously ruled that she is entitled to payments under the scheme.Find out more about how you get involved with our work.In 1969, the situation in Northern Ireland was so grave that British troops were sent to restore order.The decision could pave the way for thousands of other British cohabitees working in the public sector to make similar claims.While raising money to take her case to the Supreme Court, Ms Brewster, a lifeguard in her 40s, wrote on her Crowdfunding page: 'My case is simple: bureaucratic rules like this which discriminate against long-term cohabitees should not be permitted.'I had to make a stand for this and this was about our love and what we were for each other.

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