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Piping It is important to be aware of the type of piping used throughout the property, as various types present unique challenges as they age.

However, at some point pipes become more trouble than they’re worth.

This is why an insurer will ask a policyholder about the age of the original building, the age of renovations or additions and the age and condition of critical building systems.

The information helps the insurer price the coverage fairly, and brings to light any serious defects to be corrected.

Replacing old, leaky, brittle pipes can save homeowners hundreds of dollars wasted on repairs. Copper pipes may last anywhere from 70 to 80 years, while brass and galvanized steel can last as long as 100.

However, the lifespan of the pipes is impacted by a variety of factors including whether or not the pipes are insulated, whether or not the homeowners use chemical drain cleaners, the quality of the water and so on.

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