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Our friends fulfill a different role to a girlfriend and you can’t be everything – just like we couldn’t for you.Don’t get jealous if we sometimes spend more time with them – it really is nothing personal and we’ll think you’re so much cooler if you just go with it.’ 8) Don’t play stupid – it’s not cute ‘Everyone has the occasional ditzy moment and yes it’s sweet and funny in small doses, but we’re not as clueless as we seem and it is very easy to tell when you’re putting it on.

They have perfect communication, they're happy all the time, and they knew they were destined to be with each other from the instant they met.

ere are some inside tips for all of the single men out there. Everyone loves a gentleman – A guy who will come to your door with flowers makes a great impression! There is life beyond Saturday night – We want to be friends and talk outside of a date.

Call or text just to chat so we get to know each other outside of the date. Group dates with people you don’t know are awkward – But times with friends build memories!

When you’re planning a group thing, think about people we would like to hang out with. Asking questions always wins points – You show that you’re interested in listening when you ask questions.

We love it when you’re interested in getting to know “the real us.” 5.

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