Who is tila tequila dating 2016

Her real name is Tila Nguyen, but she's been nicknamed Tila Tequila since she was a teenager, after a rather messy experience."The irony is that I'm allergic to alcohol," she said."When I was about 13 we had some alcohol and I had a bad reaction and threw up everywhere."I thought I was going to die, so the next day at school everybody heard about it so they were like: 'It's Tila Tequila.' And the name just kind of stuck."She is perhaps best known for her series A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila, which was a dating game show similar to The Bachelor.

Back in December 2013, the TV personality caused controversy by penning an article called Why I Sympathise with Hitler: Part I and posting it on her website."I learned the truth about the war and what Hitler truly did and he was not a bad person as they have painted him out to be," she said.

Tequila then issued an apology on Facebook, calling her sympathetic characterization of Hitler "a terrible mistake." She blamed her anti-Semitism on "depression" and years of "drug addiction.""I am in no way, shape or form a racist nor antisemitic and absolutely not 100% a Nazi supporter," Tequila wrote in August 2015.

Since then, Tequila has retracted that apology in words and in deeds.

See if your favorite celeb is in on the conspiracy (below)!!

ICYMI, back in February, Kyrie Irving shocked the (round) world by joining the likes of Bo B and Tila Tequila and saying he believes the world is flat. Related: Shaq Lip Syncing Beyoncé At Work Is All Of Us And it seems like he's not the only NBA player who is in on the conspiracy as shortly after, Shaq came out in support of Kyrie's theory!

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