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Batchelder was described so , Sturmey was very active at promoting cycling even while he was also promoting motoring. free from fodder, free from timetables, free from rails …

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With so many references to cite there would have been way too many fugly, fiddly superscript numbers on the pages. Beales said, in 1935, “Bicycles and motor-cars have an ancient lineage.”⁠ , H. But in order to satisfy these volitions and make them executive they have to be marshaled and organized, and so, in a sense, shackled.

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Witney was selected by The Sunday Times newspaper (March 2014) as one of the best places to live in Britain . Mary is a 13th-century cruciform church and restored in 1867, the Henry Box school was built in 1663, the Blue Coat School in 1723 (the school was set up in Witney in 1723 expressly to teach the sons of weavers the skills they would need to become weavers' apprentices), and the Blanket Hall in about 1720.

The small roofed open-air shelter known as the Butter Cross in the market place, near to the Town Hall, was erected in 1683, replacing the old Butter Cross which formerly stood on this site.

There are 1600 entries, some of them extended, making for a whopping 108,916 words. Here’s an example from “The railway train is necessarily collectivism.

That’s far too much detail for placing in the print – or even digital – editions of the book. A passenger train starts and reaches its destination owing to the combined volition of a large number of persons who want to travel, let us say, from New York to Boston.

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