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It also ranked the country's pickiest men, saying that Winnipeggers were least responsive and Torontonians most responsive to women's online approaches, reported.

Paddi Rice, president and owner of Vancouver-based Executive Search Dating, told Global News that Vancouver has more people dating online than anywhere in the world because Plenty of Fish, one of the Internet's top dating sites, is based in the city."With a bigger pool, your odds of meeting a quality person are less, so screening is essential," he said.

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However, that is not the case in Saudi Arabia, where oil is still burned for electricity, an increasingly uncommon practice throughout the world.

In fact, Saudi Arabia is the largest consumer of oil for electricity, a weakness that Saudi officials believe they can no longer afford.

Saudi Arabia burns through roughly 900,000 barrels per day during the summer months, according to the IEA, when Saudi citizens crank up the AC to provide some relief during the sweltering heat.

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