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takes place in a dystopian society where human emotion has been eradicated, but in a new clip from the film, Nicholas Hoult contracts “switched-on syndrome,” a “disease” that allows him to feel again. There’s no evidence that the bug is contagious; however, if it makes you feel more comfortable, I’ll wear a face mask from now on.” “I think a face mask is a little extreme, although I don’t think you should sit with us anymore,” Stewart’s character, Nia, informs her “sick” friend. You’re going to live pal.” However, Nia will soon come down with a case of “SOS,” as well, when she and Silas grow an attraction to each other, despite falling in love having been criminalized.See how Kristen Stewart’s character reacts in the video below! An elder member of the community offers, “We cured cancer. Director Bill Condon talks about the scenes in the video and says how different it was to shoot the Breaking Dawn Part 1 sex scene.Kristen was supposed to be insecure in the film’s first scene then in Breaking Dawn Part 2 she is supposed to come back full of confidence. We collectively wish that we could be there enjoying all the fabulous Topfest films with you tonight.Making the most of the Paris Fashion Week festivities, Kristen Stewart showed up at the Chanel Haute Couture presentation on Tuesday (July 8).The “Twilight Saga: New Moon” starlet was in good spirits as she showed off her new shorter hairdo while posing at the Grand Palais with living legend Karl Lagerfeld.

The former couple are now both single which increases the chance of their reunion.

She is best known for her role as Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga: Twilight, New Moon, & Eclipse. Kristen Stewart is currently dating costar Robert Pattinson.

She may be one of the most popular actresses of her generation, but Kristen Stewart wasn’t invited back for the second installment of “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Per a press release from Universal Pictures, the “Twilight Saga: New Moon” actress won’t reprise her role from the first film, though Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth are both coming back for round two.

“It’s about time you all knew,” Hoult’s character, Silas, tells a group of his peers, all of whom are dressed in the same drab, white uniform.

After months of speculation, Robert Pattinson has finally confirmed he is dating his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart.

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