Rogers gay dating

The “proof” comes from a few tweets from Rodgers friend Kevin Lanflisi.

The Fame Driven speculates that Lanflisi, who was once Rodgers roommate, is much more than a friend for the Packers QB.

Rodgers reportedly backed out at the last minute which infuriated his reported partner Kevin Lanflisi.

Now the scorned ex-boyfriend is planning on outing Rodgers.

You would know all that and more if you followed Rodgers and the NFL at all for the past 18 months since the two started dating, including a cover story last week in Sports Illustrated.

I just wish Rodgers would stop shoving his heterosexuality in my face.

It also appears that something happened recently between the two and now Lanflisi is planning on outing his former boyfriend.

And that Rodgers makes a delicious beef, rice and vegetable dish?He left the club by mutual consent in February 2007, and returned to the United States to sign for Columbus Crew.Rogers' four-year tenure at Columbus Crew was a successful one, with the player breaking through into the first-team, as well as securing an MLS Cup title in 2008 and two Supporters' Shield wins in 20 respectively.Yet they don't get that this is what straight male athletes do all the time when they parade their girlfriend or wife on the public stage, be it on the ESPY's red carpet or kissing on the field or court after a big win.It's "normal," yet it's the same thing they accuse gay athletes of doing -- they are advertising their heterosexuality, however subconsciously.

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