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Already in 2007 more than 25% of teenagers reported that someone they were dating used a cell phone to harass, intimidate, or put them down.

Almost 20% of teenagers also reported that they were fearful of to a text, email, or instant message because of what their partner might do in reaction, and 10% of teens had been threatened through technology (chat sites, messages, etc.) with violence by the person they were dating.

Technology can have wonderful and enriching benefits for our children, but it also makes them more susceptible to things such as teenage dating abuse.

If you still aren’t convinced that teenagers are in more danger of dating abuse with the advent of technology, consider publications put forth by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

In some cases though, no signs of physical abuse will be seen.

Experts say the abuse appears to be increasing as more harassment, name-calling and ridicule takes place among teenagers on the Internet and by cellphone. Many people have stress or use alcohol and drugs but they do not abuse others.“We are identifying teen dating abuse and violence more than ever,” said Dr. …that you’ll accept the abuse so you can keep the relationship. Once abuse starts, it almost never stops by itself. Posted in coping with abuse, domestic violence, Emotional Abuse and Coping, Healing, Healing from Abuse. personal, love depression, low self esteem, self-esteem, Sexual Abuse, teenage abuse, teenage dating abuse.Teens today are sometimes willing to pretend that abuse from a boyfriend or girlfriend is okay or normal, so that they are accepted and loved.The study looked at more than 5,600 children between the ages of 12 and 18 years who had been in dating relationships, of which one third reported they had experienced teen dating violence – defined as emotional and/or physical abuse.Five years after their dating experiences, those who reported being in abusive relationships were more likely to be involved in unhealthy behaviors. And if we shudder to think that one-third of our teenagers are suffering in violent dating relationships, we have to be equally alarmed that this means that roughly one-third of our teenagers are The teens who were involved in the study were asked if they had ever been called names, insulted, treated disrespectfully, threatened with violence, pushed, shoved, or had something thrown at them during their relationships.

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