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Arm A3Sync is both a launcher and adddons synchronization software for Arm A 3.It is intend to be used by players, server administrators and Arm A 3 teams.Tips & Specs: To learn more about Play On Linux and Wine configuration, see the online manual: Play On Linux Explained Mint 17 64-bit Play On Linux: 4.2.5 Wine: 1.7.37 Wine Installation Click Tools Select "Manage Wine Versions" Look for the Wine Version: 1.7.37 Note: Try using stable Wine 1.8 and 1.8-staging Select it Click the arrow pointing to the right Click Next Downloading Wine Extracting Downloading Gecko Installed Wine 1.7.37 is installed and you can close this window Download World of Tanks Go to: Click "Download Game" Navitage to your desktop Click Save Play On Linux Setup Launch Play On Linux Click Install Click "Install a non-listed program" Click Next Select "Install a program in a new virtual drive" Click Next Name your virtual drive: worldoftanks Click Next Check all three options: Click Next Select Wine 1.7.37 Click Next Select "32 bits windows installation" Click Next Wine Configuration Applications Tab Windows version: Windows 7 Graphics Tab Check "Automaticaly capture the mouse in full-screen windows" Check "Emulate a virtual desktop" Desktop Size: 1024x768 Click OK Installing Packages Check the following: Click Next Note: All packages will automatically download and install Installing World of Tanks Click Browse Navigate to your desktop Select "Wo T_internet_install_na.exe" Click Open Click Next Click OK Click Next Click Next Check "Don't create a Start Menu folder" Click Next Uncheck "Create a desktop icon" Click Next Click Install Updating will crash every time unless torrents is disabled Click the wrench (top right) Uncheck "Allow torrents" Click OK Updating World of Tanks World of Tanks is over 7 Gigs of data Wait while it downloads the entire game When the updating is finished, do not click "Play" Close the World of Tanks client Play On Linux Shortcut Select "WOTLauncher.exe" Click Next Name your shortcut: World Of Tanks Launcher Click Next Click Next again...Play On Linux Configure Back to Play On Linux Select World Of Tanks Click Configure General Tab Wine Version: 1.7..37 Note: Click the to download other versions of Wine.- Added: Repositories management: new "Administrate Repository" button from Repositories panel.

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- Ran the game, sunk ships, wore my sunglasses at night EDIT: It was a lot of work for one stupid file, so I made it available on my google drive for anyone that wants it.

World of Tanks Launcher (Region Editor) – A program to change the localization of the client (one client for playing on different servers) for World of Tanks 9.16 Also, it lets you enable or disable mods without removing or uninstalling them.

so, i've tried changing the URL in the Wo Ws to "" but everytime i open the launcher, i get the same error message saying that it cannot connect to the update service (even though it LITERALLY just downloaded the 1.0.10 update...) when i press "Play" anyway, it says "Critical Error: unable to launch game. I "installed" the launcher using a custom wineskin wrapper (right from the windows exe file) and it appears to work just fine with the codeweavers wrapper.

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